Great Smile, Great Performance: How to Choose Braces as a Singer

Braces can help shape a performer's career - Courtesy


When it comes to pursuing a career as a singer, the idea of anything inside your mouth for one reason or another can be a terrifying prospect.

After all, many people find their unique voice and inflection through years of practice — though that can all change if the mouth is affected in any way. For example, hormonal changes can cause the position of teeth to shift based on specific factors. It is often more than enough reason for musicians to consider the use of braces at specific points in their life.

Keep in mind that even those with seemingly straight teeth can have problems down the line. For example, the wisdom teeth can all grow straight, but they could eventually cause uncomfortable crowding and pressure that might break other teeth in the process. Here are just some things to consider when choosing braces as a singer.

Keep in mind that you will have to adapt no matter the case

One of the things to learn about getting braces as a singer is there are no full-proof braces that will effectively cause your mouth to be the same as it was before. The reason for braces is to fix a problem, not make sure that the problem remains the same — which is why it is a great option to have braces. It could effectively improve vocal range as it can straighten the teeth and reduce gaps.

Katy Perry as a braces-wearing teenager - Courtesy Kevin Mazur
Katy Perry as a braces-wearing teenager – Courtesy Kevin Mazur

However, keep in mind that you will have to adapt no matter the scenario. It will always take work, and if you happen to need braces as a singer, it is best to go into it knowing that there will be some changes, however minimal.

Do your research

If you are anxious about having braces due to your career, it never hurts to do a bit of research about your chosen clinic. Perhaps it might even be a good idea to look into other options depending on the testimonials and reviews that you come across. Without a doubt, there are going to be plenty of different dental clinics clamoring for your attention. It would be ideal to write up a list of potential candidates, and give each of them a call, asking questions about the procedure and the potential results.

Keep those stress levels low

It can be nerve-wracking enough to think about getting braces as a singer, but the additional stress that comes from working to regain a change in tone and inflection after having braces can add anxiety to the mix. With the knowledge that things will change, it is all about adapting to a new normal. Treat yourself to something good, and do your best to relax. You’ll be used to the changes before you know it.

While it can be a rather harrowing prospect to consider braces as a singer, keep in mind that it is always for your benefit. The potential of braces to improve vocal quality should be reason enough to give it a go!