How to Easily Distribute Tickets for an Event of Yours

Courtesy of The Mint in LA

Ticket Distribution for Online Zoom Events Heats up Sales


Ticket distribution has become very easy, especially with the rise of social media and digital platforms. Before online ticket distribution, people had to make the effort to search for events that they would be interested in, run to the venue, and wait in line to buy a ticket that may be sold out. It was extremely time-consuming and inconvenient. The evolution of smartphones, social media, and eCommerce made the distribution and selling of tickets a much easier process for both the event hosts and the attendees. 

Modern-day methods make the discovery of relevant events and the purchase of tickets a click away. With the right distribution tactics, you’ll be able to make your events instantly visible to potential and relevant employees. To guarantee the success of your event, we are here to tell you how you can easily distribute tickets for an event of yours. 

Smartphone Availability

Statistics show that billions of online purchases are made every year, with smartphones ranking as the top device used for online shopping. Some businesses or ticket distributors limit purchases to laptops and computer devices. This usually discourages buyers from making purchases instantly and keep a mental note of it instead. By the time potential buyers get on their computers, they will have either forgotten about the event or would be unable to find it again. This is why you should make ticket purchases available through mobile applications or mobile-friendly websites. It is easier and more convenient for attendees and urges them to register for the event on the spot. Invest in a good tech team to make sure that your website’s mobile view is easy to use and that your ticketing software accurately registers sales on all of your channels and platforms. Not only will this make you look professional, therefore making people more invested in what you have to offer, but it will also help you avoid problematic snags. 

Specialized Platform

There are specialized ticketing platforms that can let you create and sell your own events. This is an easier and cheaper option than referring to large ticketing agents. Self-service ticketing sites allow you to instantly register, create an event, and start selling the tickets. The specialists behind explain that self-ticketing platforms are designed to handle the issuing of tickets, accepting payments, keeping track of sales and attendees, along with other important aspects of your event. Each site or platform has its own pricing structure; some platforms charge you a monthly fee, while others add a small booking fee whenever someone buys a ticket. You can easily incorporate the self-servicing ticketing site in the promotion and marketing strategies that you are using. 


If you have your own website, you can use the scarcity marketing technique to sell your tickets. When it comes to sales, scarcity is a very effective technique because people are usually drawn to what is scarce and limited. They believe that when the spots are limited, people are racing to attend your event, instigating their fear of missing out. However, don’t lie about your numbers as this can drive people away. Statistics show that scarcity marketing can boost up your sales by up to 226%. The most common ways to use marketing scarcity techniques to drive your sales are quantity and time.

Quantity can mean VIP packages, early-bird tickets, a limited number of seats or tickets, additional experiences, or other claims that show that your availability is low. This persuades potential customers to make their purchases instantly instead of waiting. To make it more effective, use a real-time counter that shows customers how many tickets are left, or show how many tickets have been sold. What you use would depend on how limited your tickets are or how high your sales are. 

Either way, you sure will be triggering your potential audience’s fear of missing out. The time aspect plays on the fact that people don’t have much time to decide whether they would like to trend your event. If there’s a guarantee that people would be able to purchase tickets on-door, they will most likely never buy the ticket up until the last minute. This makes them less likely to even attend your event or become real-time buyers. What you can do is add a countdown clock to your sales page, influencing prospect buyers. 

Ticket selling and distribution has never been easier than in today’s world. With the variety of sites and platforms that are specialized to aid you in selling your event, combined with the power of social media and marketing techniques, your event will be sold out in no time. There are limitless ways to attract potential attendees to your event, the trick is learning how you can make them purchase the tickets right away.