Young Women Rockers Get Rock Education from Betty Blowtorch at the Whisky

Photo Illustration + Words by Mimi B.

WEST HOLLYWOOD – Sunday, a day known to be your day off. Maybe you sleep in, maybe you grab a bite to eat, or maybe you find yourself on the Metro at night on your way to see a show at The Whisky-A-Go-Go up on Sunset Boulevard.

It was going to be a good lineup featuring Betty Blowtorch, The Grim, Dee Skusting and the Rodents, War Tomorrow and Doll Riot. Because I like to find the young, up-and-coming bands, I was looking forward to seeing Xtine & The Reckless Hearts in particular.

Xtine & The Reckless Hearts are not mall-goths, not faux-punkers, and definitely not the church choir. I stood at the front of the stage witnessing the real deal of rockers. They played a strong set with the lead singer flashing her pink hair and it was as if the young women stepped out from among the history of women in rock. It was a good moment in time.

Checking into The Whisky, I was reminded of how, like the young women in Xtine & The Reckless Hearts, I was also influenced by the generation of women who came before me. I think because of the path paved by the women before us, we can be respected for our work in a tough world.

So this time at The Whisky was different. I used to come here accompanied by a parent but this time I didn’t “need an adult” because I actually am one now. Makes you think that as time passes for many bands, so it also does for fans who follow the current trends. And while it was great nostalgia walking in, I was impressed by some modern rock sounds once inside. 

Roadie Ames Flames with Betty Blowtorch - Courtesy
Roadie Ames Flames with Betty Blowtorch – Courtesy

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I was awakened from my moment along “memory lane” by a kick-ass drummer and heavy bass, and I was happy to see Xtine and her fem-representing Reckless Hearts look to be in their young 20s. If their Whisky set was any indication, it seems they’re off to a good start with a great journey ahead. It’s encouraging to see others around my age kicking ass and pursuing their ambition. And I was fully engaged, head banging to their music and catching the wide-ranging lyrics.

Whisky a Go Go – Courtesy of Whisky

Life, vigor, power – all the synonyms I can’t think of couldn’t even describe the sheer voltage that pounded throughout The Whisky Sunday night. The bands that played were mostly established, including Dee Skusting and the Rodents and The Grim, leaving the audience in a wake of good feelings and great music.

Check out the Betty Blowtorch anthem video here:

With a kick-ass show, the bands really shook it up and, dare I say, made me want to get back into playing the piano. Betty Blowtorch really blew it up and showed the youngsters a thing or two.

And as the evening ended, and Xtine & The Reckless Hearts were wrapping up, it left me thinking: Betty Blowtorch has set the bar so high, and paved an historical path for young, female-led bands not only in L.A.. but also nationwide. It was an inspiring night that hit all the high notes.

Check out Xtine & The Reckless Hearts here:

And check out the bands on Spotify: Betty Blowtorch, The Grim, Dee Skusting and the Rodents, War Tomorrow, Doll Riot and Xtine & The Reckless Hearts.