WORLD PREMIERE VIDEO: The DoGs Release Video to promote their Latest EP ‘Ain’t Going Nowhere’

The DoGs Video World Premiere - Photo © 2015 Donna Balancia
The DoGs - Photo © 2015 Donna Balancia
The DoGs Video World Premiere
The DoGs Video World Premiere on Smelvis Records – Video courtesy of BlankTV

By DONNA BALANCIA – The DoGs, those legendary rockers from Detroit, have released a video “Ain’t Going Nowhere” courtesy of BlankTV.  It’s a funny vid depicting one of our favorite bands.

“We wanted to have a visual to help promote our new EP of the same name on Smelvis Records,” said Loren Molinare, front man for the band. The EP is now available via a pre-order link.

It’s the first video the band has done in a while.

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Molinare said in an ever-changing world that’s overwhelmed by technology, video is still an effective way to promote the music.

“Video lets people have another look into the band and our music, plus it’s a great tool for spreading the word about the new record and the band,” Molinare said.

In the video, directed by Andrew Cho, bassist Mary Kay portrays a “fed up” door-to-door saleswoman and drummer Tony Matteucci bails on his stuffy office gig.

The DoGs have done four official videos and lots of live footage from their shows are out there.

The DoGs selected Cho to direct the video because of his cool sense of storytelling.

“He wrote the storyboard and what he did not want to do was have just another band lip-synching to their song,” Molinare said. “He came up wtih the surreal setting of Mary and Tony going out of character in the first and second verse scenes.

“The overriding theme for the video is that no matter how tough life sometimes gets, have a sense of humor and live through it, and not take it so seriously.”

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