‘We All Bleed Red’ by Jim Peterik Takes a New Approach to Honor Those Who Need it Most

Jim Peterik writes We All Bleed Red for Orlando victims

By DONNA BALANCIA – Jim Peterik is not only one of the most prolific songwriters of our era, but he he has given a new voice to those who can’t speak.

Peterik was so impacted by the Orlando shootings, that he wrote a song called “We All Bleed Red,” and his team created a video to go along.  The song brings a fresh approach to the topic of mass shooting with a driving beat and a rock-style adaptation.

Peterik, prolific songwriter and founder of the band Survivor, recently released an album called “The Songs,” an acoustic collection of the mega-hit high-amp songs he has written and performed with his illustrious rock n roll colleagues.

“We All Bleed Red,” came about after the June 12 mass shooting of innocent people at the Orlando nightclub, Pulse.


But rather than taking a heartbreaking event and creating a song that was on the downbeat, Peterik created something that fans can actually hear and be empowered by. “We All Bleed Red” is a song that can be enjoyed while bringing to mind the issues that affect us all.

“I wanted to do a uniting type of anthem,” Peterik told CaliforniaRocker.com. “After all, we all bleed red man. I wanted it to be celebratory only because we should celebrate that we all live together. It all came to me in one day, it took three days to record.”

Peterik is smart.  After all, should only sad songs be created in commemoration of a tragic event?

Peterik recently released his album, “The Songs,” which was funded through a Pledgemusic campaign.  If you want to be impressed by one of the most outstanding singer-songwriters, check out the album at the Jim Peterik website.

Peterik, whose works include the GRAMMY Award-winning “Eye of The Tiger,” and some of the most famous hits from the radio, considers his style “melodic” rock.

His group, Pride Of Lions, tours Europe regularly, and their albums and DVDs are best sellers. The new POL CD “Immortal” was released in Septermber 2012.