Luis Moreno, Photographer, Athlete, and Father, Passes Away Following Cancer Battle

Luis Moreno Devoted Photographer and Friend - Moreno photo

U.S. Rocker Photo Editor Gave Us More than Magnificent Images


Luis Moreno, photo editor and music reviewer for US Rocker, passed away after an 18-month battle with pancreatic cancer. Friends, family and acquaintances drew inspiration from his remarkable bravery and strength during the last year and a half.

During the last months, Luis bravely continued to enjoy his passions: Water polo, swimming, being with his family, and photographing and reviewing musical acts across Los Angeles and beyond. He did not complain, but instead focused on what he needed to do to make the lives of others more complete.

Tom Morello with Luis Moreno – Moreno photo

Luis was a gifted photographer and creative soul who enjoyed collaboration with an ever-cheerful disposition and respect for everyone, particularly those in the most need. He lived life with a robust enthusiasm that did not abate though he was fighting for his life against one of the deadliest cancers.

Luis Moreno and The Mint manager, TC – Moreno photo

Luis was liked by everyone who came in contact with him, from the kids he coached in water polo in the South Bay and their parents, to the wildest of rock stars he photographed. He had a love of all kinds of music, from rock to jazz and the blues, to the most avant-garde and indie. If the music moved him he loved it and through his reviews and word of mouth he would let people know who to listen to.

Wayne Kramer with Luis Moreno – Courtesy

Luis has won his share of accolades in sports, modeling and photography. He was comfortable in almost any situation, whether it be a party at Van Halen’s in Pasadena when he was a kid, or in Europe where he capitalized on his sports abilities and his modeling pursuits.

Luis Moreno and US Rocker Creative Director Mimi B at Los Angeles Press Club Awards – Courtesy

For US Rocker and its previous incarnation, California Rocker, Luis was dedicated on every assignment. He captured the essence of the event he attended. He had a way with the rockers and rebels as well as regular people in the crowd who often would be surprised to find themselves beautifully portrayed in his photos. Fellow photographers enjoyed sharing time and a laugh or two with him in the pit at concerts and festivals.

Photographer Harmony Gerber and Luis Moreno – Moreno photo

Luis was proud of his daughter Celina, and his wife Joan, both of whom he often spoke of adoringly and who he would bring along on assignment when he was able. He drew strength from the love of his family and set an example for younger as well as older people along his path on this Earth.

The staff at US Rocker today and forever celebrates the life and work of Luis Moreno, our colleague and friend.

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