NYDTyson Scores With ‘If You’re So Smart Why Are You So Sad?’


Neil Young Degrasse Tyson has cut through the junk that’s out there and brings a refreshing new EP to market with If You’re So Smart Why are You So Sad? Not only do they score with this new record,  they get a thank you from reviewers. It’s simply excellent on every level.

It’s a relief to hear an album like this with creativity projectile shooting out of every corner.  It sounds beautiful, it’s lovingly produced, expertly mastered and mixed and the songs are good. Yes the band has a weird name and it’s a crazy EP no doubt, creating a new sound like a hybrid auto mechanic’s garage-evil scientist’s lair.  But it’s out of this world good.

The songs are relevant and extremely engaging. Written by Nick Campbell and Eric Radloff, it’s a sure bet these two will be bringing many years of music to come, on all sorts of platforms. NYDTyson has a trademark sound of fuzzy, retro rock that’s appealing to the discerning listener. NYDTYson makes simple, stripped-down tunes that might even prompt people to buy, and that’s the best compliment amidst this “music should be free” attitude that is so pervasive today.

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The music on this 5-song EP runs the gamut from beautiful and slow to driving and insane like “What Did You Say?” a wild garage rock classic in the vein of  Todd Rundgren with boisterous and explosive guitar and blaring fuzzy vocals.


NYDTyson has a big Egg and a hit – Photo courtesy of NYDTyson

NYDTyson Nails it With New Album

“Neanderthal” is appropriately named as it sounds like a cave man is stomping across Sunset Boulevard. After all, isn’t that where all the antiquated knuckle-draggers hang out today?

The young band — with shockingly only a handful of followers — is destined to go big. That is if the main men, Campbell and Radloff can weather the storm of breakup that usually accompanies our instant gratification lifestyle of the new millennium.

These are great songs, deceiving as the titles may be: 1. Egg;  2. What Did You Say?; 3. Neanderthal; 4. Who Cares?; 5. I Think We Both Know. The EP is available on Bandcamp and would still be a bargain at twice the $5 price tag.

Check out the video for “Egg” here:


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