The Kinks Give Thumbs Up to Tall Poppy Syndrome’s Cover of ‘This Time Tomorrow’

Tall Poppy Syndrome - Photo by Lee Escobar

Release – The three surviving original members of The Kinks — Ray Davies, Dave Davies and Mick Avory — have each shown support for “This Time Tomorrow,” the new single by Tall Poppy Syndrome.

Tall Poppy Syndrome is an indie rock band comprised of Clem Burke, the renowned drummer of Blondie; Vince Melouney, Australian guitar legend and member of the (psych-era) Bee Gees; guitarist Jonathan Lea of the beloved art-pop group The Jigsaw Seen; and singer Paul Kopf and bassist Alec Palao of Strangers In A Strange Land and the current version of Garage Rockers The Seeds.

“This Time Tomorrow” was written by Ray Davies and is included on The Kinks’ 1970 album Lola Versus Powerman.

Tall Poppy Syndrome have given the song an “I Can’t Explain” / “The Hard Way”-style arrangement built on a foundation of Jonathan’s chordal guitar riff, Clem’s powerful drumming and Alec’s unique bass lines. Vince contributes the lead guitar lines, while Paul tops the track with strong vocals.

Ray Davies and Avory sent messages to Tall Poppy Syndrome saying that they like the track, and Dave Davies posted at his social accounts that it’s a “good version.”

Since its release on March 22, “This Time Tomorrow” has received a good amount of airplay on radio stations worldwide. The track was played on Little Steven’s Underground Garage channel at SiriusXM for the last month and is currently in rotation on his “Coolest Songs In The World” channel. In the UK, “This Time Tomorrow” debuted on the Heritage Chart this week at #39.

Tall Poppy Syndrome’s Jonathan Lea played second guitar with Dave Davies of The Kinks for 15 years and performed with Ray and Dave at their historic reunion at The Islington Assembly Hall in London on December 18, 2015. Members of Tall Poppy Syndrome have also individually worked with Bob Dylan, Cyril Jordan (Flamin’ Groovies,) Ann Magnuson (Bongwater,) Iggy Pop, Rain Parade, The Ramones, Nancy Sinatra, Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs, Pete Townshend (The Who) Sal Valentino (Beau Brummels) and many others.

Five years ago, all five members of Tall Poppy Syndrome worked on several projects with The Kinks’ original record producer Shel Talmy which led to the formation of the group.

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