Listen: The Beatles Are Back Together with John Lennon’s Vocals on ‘Now And Then’

The Beatles release 'Now And Then' - Courtesy of The Beatles


The Beatles are back together — digitally at least — with a newly released track called “Now And Then,” which features the vocals of the late John Lennon.

“Now And Then” is from a demo that Yoko Ono handed over to the other Beatles almost 30 years ago, as told in the new, 15-minute documentary “The Beatles – Now and Then – The Last Beatles Song.” The film features interviews with a range of rockers, family and friends of The Beatles.

“In 1994 an interesting opportunity arose where we could make more music together,” McCartney said in the short film.

“We could use John and try and make a record,” Ringo Starr added in the docu. “It was the closest we’ll ever come to having him back in the room.”

George Ringo and Paul – Courtesy of The Beatles

Two other songs from the demo tape were released previously, “Free as a Bird” and “Real Love.” At the time of the first two recordings, George Harrison contributed guitar. Harrison passed away in 2001.

“In 2001 we lost George, which kind of took the wind out of our sails,” McCartney said. “It took almost a quarter of a century for us to find the right moment to tackle ‘Now And Then’ again.”

McCartney said new technology enabled the Fab Four to digitally reunite, by “lifting” Lennon’s voice separate from piano on the demo.

Watch “The Beatles – Now And Then – The Last Beatles Song (Short Film)” here.

Listen to ‘Now And Then’ here: