New Release – Arcana Kings Drop Upbeat Bagpipe-Driven Track ‘Soldier On’

Arcana Kings Drop 'Soldier On' - Courtesy

Release – Arcana Kings hail from British Columbia and Saskatchewan, Canada, and were formed in 2015. They’ve never looked back with their arena rock, punk pop sound and bagpipes as their secret weapon. Their new single and video, “Soldier On” is out now on all streaming platforms. Check it out here.

Arcana Kings lineup consists of Johnny McCuaig (lead vocals, bagpipes, rhythm guitar) James Picton (lead guitarist), Allan Morrison (rhythm guitarist, vocals), Kevin Kyle (bass) and Graham Templeman (drums).

McCuaig says, “Soldier On” is a song written by Arcana Kings and members of the Soldier On program. The lyrics come straight from soldiers suffering with PTSD. We asked them to put their thoughts and feelings on paper and the end result is our tune, “Soldier On”. The song was written in hopes of raising awareness to programs like Soldier On ( and hopefully raising some money for the charity.”

Check out ‘Soldier On’ here: