Twin Beds Drops New Single ‘Dewey’ from Upcoming Album ‘Big Sky’

Twin Beds - Courtesy

In 2017, a couple of misfits from Philadelphia, decided they were sad enough and mad enough to start playing in a band together and Twin Beds was formed. With an emphasis on a raw punk sound, Twin Beds has made a small name for themselves in the Philly DIY scene with catchy riffs, booming bass, and bombastic drumming.

Twin Beds places a heavy emphasis on emotionally resounding lyrics that range in content from sheer depression and sadness, anger and frustration, to self-acceptance.

There’s a certain comfort to the life that you know, even if you are unhappy with it. “Dewey” paints the picture of an impulsive existence. A life where you do what you want at any given time without the forethought of how it will (or will not) affect you later on.

Despite finding joy in little moments, there’s a part of you that knows there could be more out there. However, to change would require far too much effort. On top of that, you can’t even imagine what this “better” life would look like. So in choosing between making drastic alterations to your course of action or continuing down the same path as always, “Dewey” picks option B.